Dwarfs Rabbits Care: How To Go About It

Rabbits are the most popular option as house pets after dogs and cats. Among rabbits, dwarf rabbits are most preferred by a number of people due to their adorable appearance. Dwarf rabbits are ideal pets but require high maintenance. Hence, dwarf rabbit care is essential in order to maintain the rabbit’s good health.

The following are a few steps which is necessary for dwarf rabbit care:

  1. Firstly, the dwarf rabbit’s home needs to be set up. Several people allow their pet rabbits to run around in the house. However, if this is not what you like, then consider purchasing a cage for you dwarf rabbit. Make sure that the cage has a litter box. This is because rabbits can easily be litter trained.
  2. Purchase high quality orchard grass or timothy grass or even timothy hay pellets for the dwarf rabbit. It is essential that you provide constant hay supply to your pet dwarf rabbit. Dwarf rabbits that are under 6 months can have as much pellets as they desire but those over 6 months need to be given only ¼ cup pellets per day.
  3. All rabbits kept at home should be provided with dark, fresh, leafy greens. It is best to give 2 cups of vegetables for dwarf rabbits each day. Baby carrots, banana or apple can be given as treats.
  4. House rabbits should be provided with toys such as toilet paper-rolls and old books. Even plastic baby keys can be given.
  5. Pet dwarf rabbits should be given a box so that they can chew, hide and climb on it. Boxes are an ideal place for rabbits to hide when they are scared. Also, these boxes act as an entertainment source for the rabbits.
  6. Dwarf rabbit care also involves ensuring that the rabbit has a minimum of 4 hours exercise each day. Also, make sure to keep computer wires, phone wires and other such stuff out of reach from the rabbit. Like all rabbits, dwarf rabbits too love chewing on things.
  7. Take your pet rabbit for health check-ups which will ensure that the rabbit is healthy. Also, get the dwarf rabbit neutered; this is ensuring the prevention of unwanted children. This is important for the dwarf rabbit’s good health.
  8. Dwarf rabbit care also involves giving the pet the much needed love and attention. So, spend plenty of time playing with your dwarf rabbit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Back To Raising Rabbits Homepage