The Different Types of Rabbits

There are several types of rabbits that people can choose from based on the purpose. Rabbits are tiny mammals that belong to the Leporidae family and can easily be found all over the world. Rabbits are known to have short tails and long ears.

There are specific types of rabbits that are raised for their meat, while other types are domesticated pets. There are mainly 5 different genera in the rabbit family that can be classified: Silver, Angora, Lop, Belgian hare and Netherland Dwarf. Many people are not aware of these 5 genera of rabbits.

Following is a brief explanation of the types of rabbits:

Netherland dwarf – The Netherland Dwarf are usually referred to as Dwarf rabbits. These rabbits are fancied by many people due to their distinctive appearance: they have short ears that are perched above and have apple-round heads. Moreover, these dwarf rabbits have compact bodies. Netherland Dwarfs or Dwarf rabbits have beautiful coats and come in several beautiful colours. These rabbits are also well known for even dispositions of colour.

Belgium Hare – This type of rabbit is considered to be the most intelligent type among all the rabbits. The rabbits of this type are generally very attractive and weigh anywhere between 2.7 kilograms to 4.5 kilograms. These rabbits have attractive lush fur that is mainly reddish-tan in colour. This body shape of these rabbits bears a close resemblance to a hare. These rabbits are characterised by very long ears and legs.

Lop – The distinctive feature of these rabbits is that they have soft, long, “lop” or dropping ears. The larger breeds of Lop can have their ear lengths measuring about 50 centimetres. The English Lop is known to have the biggest ears among all the rabbit types. All the Lops have great coats with beautiful markings and colours. These rabbits make great pets.

Angora – These rabbit types can be recognized easily by their distinctive coat quality. The rabbits of this type are usually seen having white coats, but come in other colors as well. When compared to other rabbit types, it is a little difficult to look after Angora rabbits. However, if some time is dedicated to cleaning, clipping and brushing these rabbits, they remain healthy and beautiful.

Silver – The last category of different types of rabbits is Silver. The rabbits of this type are available in many colours. The highlight of this breed is the characteristic silvering. Adult rabbits of this breed may weigh between 1.8 to 3 kilograms.

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